How to Advocate for Your PAID Family Leave

In this podcast episode we discuss how to advocate or negotiate for your paid parental leave. Both parents truly need paid parental leave provided by their employer if not the government. Although we share stories and perspectives as the role of the birthing mother we both believe that both parents...

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book club

Ella’s Favorite Parenting Books (Part I)

Summer reading is right around the corner friends and these are all parenting books I think you should add to your list. We all have different parenting styles and this list is here to help you feel inspired, gain tools and learn what your specific parenting style is. I love...

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Beyond Kegels & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Okay I have been talking about going beyond kegels, the pelvic floor and advocating for pelvic floor physical therapy for years now. My good friend and colleague Dr. Hannah Strom, DPT  just had to be one of the first guests on the Mavens of Motherhood podcast to talk all about...

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