Ella Frances About

A website inspired by seasonal plant-based foods and simple, mindful living. This space is here to inspire to live a life of balance, happiness and joy. This blog will explore the complicated relationship we have with ‘stuff’ and help to inspire peace with our coveting of material goods. We believe in fewer better things, timeless design, function and a keen awareness in goods and detail.

The recipes that you will find here will have a focus on seasonal, whole, plant-based foods. Embracing the beautiful foods from nature that our bodies and mind love. I do not subscribe to any certain diet, just simply choose to eat more plants and always choose what makes me feel best. I try to shop seasonally and not overcomplicate the ingredients. From time to time, a few indulgences will sneak their way in.

Ella Frances is dedicated to the trust of her readers and she produces creative content that she personally supports and include her own thoughts and opinions.