Mama Mastermind - A Maternal Wellness Group Coaching Program

Mama Mastermind: A Maternal Wellness Group Coaching Program

January 24, 2023

Mama Mastermind is a maternal wellness group coaching program that has been in the making for about six years. It started when I got pregnant for the first time. When I found out I was pregnant back in 2016, I cried, not out of joy but out of fear of loosing myself. The motherhood that I had seen modeled to me by society was that you need to sacrifice your body, soul, hobbies, health, friends, marriage, career… everything about you.. for your children. That the deepest form of love is all consuming and that is how you mother. I didn’t want that. I felt like well, there must be another way. I started to look for other examples of this in my life and community. Well, I was the first of all of my friends to have children and it was slim pickings out there in my current network. Well, how do I connect with other women about motherhood, birth and postpartum? How do I prepare myself for this major life transition? How can I surround myself with women that find joy in motherhood and in their life outside of motherhood?

I started going to mom’s groups. I went to prenatal yoga classes. I took birth classes. I read the books. I started talking to random strangers with babies at coffee shops. I did everything I could to build a community around myself and prepare myself for birth, postpartum and motherhood. Or, at least I thought I did.

I was still left feeling blindsided by motherhood. As I navigated postpartum for the first time, I experienced postpartum depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Overwhelmed by my postpartum mental health symptoms I felt guilty, alone in the challenges and ashamed for feeling that way. It made me feel like I was a horrible mom. The rawness and weakness I felt postpartum I was not prepared for. I saw new moms returning to exercise, going on long walks and being applaud for “not looking like they had a baby” all while feeling like I must be doing something wrong for being “nap trapped” and skin to skin on the sofa with my baby.

When I returned to work, I slowly started to feel my mind completely loose control. I had panic attacks, rage, crying episodes, suicidal thoughts, intrusive thoughts, pain in my body, malnourishment and depletion. I was deeply suffering, felt so alone and embarrassed for my symptoms. I didn’t see it as symptoms, I saw it as “I’m the problem. Something is WRONG WITH ME.”

I remember sitting in a mom’s group feeling this way and feeling so lost, overwhelmed and anxious just thinking… ‘Why the hell is everyone talking about pump parts and bottles?! Can we please address the elephant in the room?! Am I the ONLY ONE feeling anxious all of the time?! Am I the ONLY ONE who gets angry at my husband?! How the hell do you all make time to eat and work out?’ Mom’s group after mom’s group it was all the same… Pumps, bottles, toys, diapers, music class, day cares, parks, play dates…

It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my second baby, my first daughter I realized… wow, this does not have to be my story. AND, if I am feeling this way.. I am sure others are feeling this way too. There are millions of people that give birth and I’m sure others feel this way too. So, I created it.

Are you seeking wellness and connection with other moms in the same stage you are in? This Maternal Wellness Group Coaching Program is for you!

Mama Mastermind is a maternal wellness group coaching program for mother’s at all stages of motherhood. These groups support you during pregnancy, first year postpartum, as your navigating early motherhood 1-6 years and entrepreneurship as a mother. This is a 8 week program that will help to elevate your maternal wellness and connect you to other mamas in the same stage you are in. There is a group coaching call on Wednesdays from 11:00 – 12:00pm PT/ 1:00 – 2:00pm CT from February 1st to March 22nd. Each week we will have a talk about a different maternal wellness topic and we will do a little Q&A. If you join a small group cohort (Blossom, Bloom or Flourish) you will meet again at a different time together with me to dive deeper together on the weekly theme. Share your personal stories, mastermind and come together. If you want to dive even deeper this round I’m taking on two VIP mamas to work with me 1-1 each week along side their group coaching call and small group connection call.

So often as moms we normalize common symptoms like depression, anxiety, experiencing rage, feeling “mom guilt”.. or blame ourselves!

I’m here to encourage you that these SYMPTOMS do not have to be normal.

If the flower is not blooming, we are not going to blame the flower for not blooming, we are going to look at the environment of the flower and change the environment.

If the mother is the flower and she is not blooming. It is not something wrong with the mother. What in the mother’s environment is not nourishing her?

What is the quality of her relationships, quality of her food, who is around and supporting her, is she able to rest and care for herself? Does she have a daily rhythm that is supportive to her as well as her children? Is she connected to her own personal identity and role as a mother? Is she at peace with her birth experience or actively healing traumas? Does she get quality alone time to reflect, recharge and grow? Is she able to bloom in her environment?

Mothers in America are burnt out and feeling depleted. Postpartum Depression, Birth Trauma, Loneliness and Divorce rates are on the rise. Mothers deserve to feel well and bloom in motherhood. In Mama Mastermind we will work to uncover what in your environment is not nourishing you and give you realistic tools to find wellness.

Healing & Wellness can come from connection and support.


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