Parenting & Family Dynamics using Human Design with Kelsey Erickson

Parenting & Family Dynamics using Human Design

February 1, 2024

Episode 12 of the Mavens of Motherhood Podcast is with Kelsey Erickson of Everme + Co on Parenting & Family Dynamics using Human Design!

In this interview I sit down with Kelsey, who is a very good friend of mine and my intuitive life coach. Kelsey and I have so many common threads that connect us together and one of the big ones is that we both love Human Design and are both very rare projectors! We both are coaches and projectors. We hope that this conversation feels like you’re out to brunch with us and we are all chatting about Human Design and how getting to know our and our children’s human design can help us live in harmony, fulfilled and connected lives. 

Human Design is similar to a strengths finder, an enneagram or personality test but one major and important difference in that it tells you who you were before the world told you who you should be. In MyersBriggs you may respond in a way because you want society to view you in a certain way, even subconsciously you could respond in a different way. Human design reveals our most inner authentic self. Human design is a system that was channeled in by its founder, Ra Uru Hu. It uses astrology, the chakra system, quantum mechanics and intuition as some of its inspirations. It is a unique system specific to you that is affirming in who you are that gives you direction on your innate being. Ra Uru Hu originally thought that this system would be helpful for parents for their children 

The Human Design Types

Energy Types: They have an internal way of generating their own energy. 

  • Generator – (37% of population) They are here to get stuff done. They are here to respond to the world around them. 
  • Manifestor – (9% of population) Manifestors are leaders. They are very independent and want to serve a happy flock of people. They love to communicate and inform the world around them. If they are not communicating and aligned with clear communication they can run into conflict easily and out of balance could come off as bossy or controlling. When manifestors feel like they are being controlled they become the most emotionally unstable.
  • Manifesting Generator – (33% of population) A blend of both the generator and manifestors. They make great leaders and have high bandwidth to get it done. 

Non-Energy Types: They do not have a consistent way of generating their own energy.

  • Projector – (20% of population) Projectors are here to guide. Loving, gentle guidance for people. Projectors have the need to be invited and don’t just pursue things to pursue. Motivated by and energized by their passions. 
  • Reflector – (1% of population) Reflectors gauge how the collective is doing and operate with the moon cycle. Reflectors need to be careful to not become influenced by the wrong people and stay true to their own energy and human design. Reflectors need time to make decisions, even a full moon cycle to make decisions. 

Family Dynamics using Human Design

Human Design can be used as a tool to understand your family dynamics and connection with your partner or children. When we can get to know our specific families types and other human design maps we can see how your family can work together and connect. Human Design was first designed to be a tool to understand our children better and help us parent them so we can help cultivate and bring up their inner being. In marriages it is great to have conversations around your different needs or strengths around your human design. 

You can look up your and your families specific human design for free online and see what your different types are. You can find out your human design type here at 

More about Kelsey

Kelsey is an intuitive life and business coach, speaker, and spiritual healer who blends spirituality with strategy. She is the owner of Everme + Co, a soon-to-be-published author and in pursuit of a master’s degree in depth psychology and creativity. She believes that if we focus too much on strategy, then we’re trying to live life “by the book” and that book is often written by someone else, for someone else. If we focus too much on spirituality, we often lose our connection to the practical purpose we have here on Earth. Kelsey is exceptionally gifted at bringing these two worlds together and she will teach you how to do the same. Kelsey splits time between Dana Point, CA, and St. Paul, MN with her husband Dane, and their dog Pico.


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