Becoming a Mother – The First Trimester

So I guess… I will start from the beginning. It was a September Sunday afternoon; we were watching the football game and relaxing at home. Not knowing that this day would change our life for the better. I felt pregnant; deep down I knew I was pregnant. We walked to...

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Healthy Honey Banana Bread

When I was a competitive swimmer in college, I use to bake (eat) a lot of banana bread. It all started with my lovely roommate, swim captain, queen bee, dietitian, baking machine and best friend who made banana bread nearly every Wednesday. To put it more simply, her nickname is...

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Ella Frances’ Gift Guide // 2015

It is finally here! Although for Christmas I prefer to give homemade gifts like spiced nuts, cookies, fermented foods or truffles. These are some of the bits I have hinted to my loved ones that I have admired this year or I either own them already! These are all either...

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Mixtape No. 1 Fall Hustle

It has been a wildly busy fall you guys. I spent this last weekend reevaluating my to do list and creating new goals. I have made new habits and have adopted a deeper mindful practice for what is truly important by evaluating my commitments. Now, onward to this hustle of...

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